The Haitian Army: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Thursday, 29 September 2011 10:54

Yes a national defense force is needed. It's an immediate opportunity to put tens of thousands of people to work. So having an army is good but there is a bad and an ugly side to the plan allegedly leaked by the presidency last week.

Staring with..."

The Good

The nation needs an army and the number one reason is not security but economy. Putting aside all the money spent on presidential ads and kanaval and holding the United Nations accountable for the cholera should buy Haiti 10,000 soldiers. Only take cash money from the U.N.

We need the labor force of an army to rebuild water systems across the country. Reforestation, as the president mentioned and border control. The list goes on.

It must be a force for defense, not from only invasions AND OCCUPATIONS but also environmental degradation, emergency and health crises. It is a force for economic growth.

Let's all also stop and recognize that we are finally having this discussion. It is a national dialogue the we are really having it. But there is...

Martelly on Forces

The Bad

I don't know but what I hear is that the $95,000,000 annual to pay for FAdH is hoped to come from the United States of America and/or the United Nations.

I don't know about all of that.

Holding the U.N. accountable for the cholera is one thing, asking them to fund the army it is another.

Having the international community, so directly involved with national defense is like washing your hands and drying them in dirt. It defeats the purpose.

Only take cash money from the U.N.

The Ugly

The ugly is Michel Martelly. We don't know what this executive will do. I'm bent up because, "I swear before God and the Nation faithfully to observe and enforce the Constitution..." didn't mean anything to him.

It's a roll of the dice. And we need a defense force. So, we should roll the dice.

We post, you decide.